You're feeling ready to take action on moving things forward in your marriage, on finding the fulfillment again.  But you want to know if partnering with me to do just that is a good fit.  I get it.  This application will help us both figure that out.  Complete this and then we can get on the phone for a free 30 minute Q&A call, where we figure out exactly what you want, what's getting in the way, how I can help, and whether we're a good fit! Click START!  :-)
What's your first and last name? *

How long have you been together? *

If you could only work on ONE thing with me regarding your relationship, what would you want that to be and WHY? *

What have you already tried to do to work on your relationship? *

Why do you believe it hasn't worked for you? *

Have you ever received counseling or coaching before? If so, was it a positive experience? What did you learn that has helped you in your marriage? *

Right now, on a scale of 1-5 (1 being "not at all" and 5 being "I am so up for it"), how comfortable would you say you are with the idea of partnering with me as your coach? *

At this time, which one describes you?
My coaching services range from $200-700/month depending on the service. *

Is your partner/spouse willing to work on transforming your relationship with you? If not, will they support you getting guidance? *

Thank you!  After looking over your answers, I will be reaching out soon to schedule a call!

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